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2024 Compressed Calendar Updates

If you have a specific question or comment about negotiations, send an email directly to our current chief negotiator(s) at We will do our best to get back to you in 48-72 hours.

May 13, 2024

Hello Faculty,

We want to thank you all for your patience and all those who attended our “AFT What’s Up” gatherings to learn of our progress on the compressed calendar.  We would also like to thank the faculty senates for allowing us to present in senate meetings to keep faculty informed about the negotiations process.  We apologize in advance, but this is a long email and we urge you to read, and re-read it. 


The AFT Compressed Calendar Negotiations Team has been busy working hard this entire semester fulfilling our due diligence to represent faculty in this important initiative. 

  • The team meets approximately three and a half hours each week (with standing meetings on Wednesdays and some Fridays) when not in negotiations with the district

  • The co-chiefs meet an average of four or more additional hours weekly to organize the team, research key issues, and to create/revise surveys, proposals, and communications. 

Collectively, we have met with the district’s negotiations team only five times this entire semester. Finals week started this past Friday and we go off contract this coming Thursday. In our last meeting this Friday, they said they are “willing to roll up their sleeves and get to work,” so we can make more progress; more progress in mid-May, when faculty are off contract. 

As stated in previous negotiations updates, the district’s team makes it extremely difficult to schedule  meetings due to their busy schedules, even after AFT consistently informs them that our team blocked out our schedules to reserve Wednesdays and Fridays for negotiations meetings each week.   This continued obstacle stands in the way of progress towards an agreement, although we’ve been ready to negotiate all semester.  We cannot do this without both sides at the table.


On April 21, 2024 we presented the district with our full proposals to the following articles:

  • Article Three

  • Article Six

  • Article Eight

  • Article  Nine

  • Article Thirteen

  • Article Seventeen

  • the compressed academic calendar for AY 2025/26 and AY 2026/27

At this same meeting, the district presented their counter proposals to the following articles:

  • Article One

  • Article Four

  • Article Eleven

  • Article Twelve

  • A sample block schedule

On Friday, May 10, the District started with the implication that AFT was holding up the negotiations process. Their chief negotiator stated the district was already behind with the implementation of many support systems needed to successfully launch an academic year within a compressed calendar, and they weren’t sure if they were going to be able to make the Fall 2025 deadlines. In addition, the District gave us a compressed calendar history lesson, failing to remember they provided our team members with all previous documents from their two work groups. 

In this same meeting, the district presented their counters to the following articles:

  • Article Three

  • Article Six

  • Article Eight

  • Article  Nine

  • Article Thirteen

  • Article Seventeen

  • the compressed academic calendar for AY 2025/26 and AY 2026/27

Through each counter, the district continues to reject the areas of our proposals focused on the specifics of the compressed calendar, reverting to their original proposals. (Click the link for more details.) This means there is little to no movement on major issues that will affect faculty, offering only one perspective to the transition. 


  • The District wants AFT to agree to enter into a compressed calendar starting Fall 2025

  • The District wants AFT to agree to start and end dates for the compressed academic calendar so managers and classified employees can do their jobs, related to the calendar for years 25/26.  

  • They also suggested that we agree to the entire academic calendar for 2025/26. 

After our meeting, AFT learned that one of the key administrators on the district's team stated in a meeting with faculty that the district  was not certain we will have a compressed calendar by 2025/2026.  This came as a surprise to AFT’s team and demystified the monologue we heard at the top of the meeting. All of this comes directly following  our near  finish with presenting the district with more robust proposals. 


In reference to their “ask”, AFT holds serious concerns with agreeing to enter into a compressed calendar without specific details negotiated in each of the affected articles. We strongly believe the details are the most important aspect of the calendar.  AFT is very aware of faculty perceptions on the compressed calendar from our recent surveys, which is why we are working hard completing our due diligence. AFT’s Negotiations Team is determined to avoid any unintended consequences by rushing into an agreement and harming faculty rights.  

Their “ask” appears like a request for a blank check from faculty without agreeing to any of the crucial details. The compressed calendar touches numerous areas of the CBA, which the district work group acknowledged in the documents they created prior to negotiations.  If we agree to accept a compressed calendar without negotiating these significant details, faculty rights will be lost. We vow to continue with our due diligence by carefully analyzing the CBA, as well as the CBAs of other community colleges, to successfully transition to a compressed calendar that maintains equity for all faculty. 

  • FOR UPDATES ON REJECTED AFT LANGUAGE IN ARTICLES BY THE DISTRICT, please visit the AFT Compressed Calendar Updates webpage.  

  • TO OFFER SPECIFIC FEEDBACK ABOUT THE ARTICLE PROPOSALS, AFT members will receive a third survey this coming Tuesday; please look for it in your email and participate.  We want to include your voice in our work.

  • BE ON THE LOOKOUT FOR COMPRESSED CALENDAR SURVEY THREE. A link through email directly from Survey Monkey on Tuesday, May 14. The survey will close on Sunday, May 19, 2024 at midnight. Please confirm receipt of the email from Survey Monkey within the first few days so AFT may quickly solve any issues.

  • OVER THE SUMMER, we will continue to share updates both via email and via the web page.  Please continue to check both to stay informed.

In unity, 

Your AFT Compressed Calendar Negotiations Team

  • Teresa Bonham (co-chief), English, Oxnard College,

  • Nathan Cole (co-chief), Theatre Arts, Ventura College,

  • Angelica Gonzales, Counseling, Ventura College 

  • Christina Lee, Nursing Coordinator, Moorpark College

  • Dr. Letty Mojica, Transfer Counselor, Oxnard College

  • Angela Wilkins, Math, Moorpark College

March 22, 2024

With the close of the second survey, the team identified requests for further information, and aspects of the compressed calendar negotiations where members seemed to be confused.  Below is a presentation based on those findings that we presented March 21 at the AFT Know What's Up (hosted at Moorpark College) and also presented to the Ventura College Academic Senate.

Compressed Calendar FAQs
Download PDF • 7.57MB

March 18, 2024

Dear Members,

Now that you’ve received the second survey and offered your feedback, the AFT Compressed Calendar Negotiations Team wanted to brief you on the progress of negotiations.  Below is a timeline and update to this point:

  • February 23/Third Meeting - The district reviewed some guiding principles that shape the creation of a compressed calendar:

  • The calendar must contain a minimum total of 175 instructional days in the primary semesters in the academic year (fall + spring).  In a compressed calendar, this may be achieved by counting Saturdays.

  • There must be at least three (3) instructional days in a week for it to count as one week in the academic calendar

  • Student Contact Hours are critical for students earning unit-credits

  • Weekly Student Contact Hours (WSCH) and Daily Student Contact Hours are critical for funding formulas (used for calculating Full-Time Equivalent Students – FTES)

  • The district provided AFT with their initial proposal of a two-year compressed calendar. AFT asked clarifying questions about the district’s presentation and numerous ones based on issues that were not addressed in the district’s initial proposals.

  • February 29 - Compressed Calendar update to members during AFT Know What’s Up hosted at Oxnard College.

  • March 11 - Second AFT Compressed Calendar survey emailed to members

  • March 13/Fourth Meeting - The district answered AFT’s follow up questions based on unanswered questions in our prior meeting.  AFT negotiations team presented our proposals for Article 1, 4, 11, & 12.


The infrequency of meetings with VCCCD due to the busy schedules of the district’s team means information is coming from their side slowly.  On January 9, AFT’s team informed the district that we each arranged our teaching/work schedules to meet in the early afternoons on Wednesdays and all day on Fridays, yet it was difficult to schedule more.  Over the past several weeks, our team discussed materials and legislation related to the compressed calendar, built and analyzed proposals, and created and analyzed the results of our member surveys.  In addition, we presented at our first AFT campus meeting (AFT Know What’s Up) at Oxnard College on February 29.


Dr. Letty Mojica, a Transfer Counselor at Oxnard College, will be joining the AFT negotiations team as a new member. Together, we will continue to meet weekly as a team to complete our due diligence for our members.  Now that we received the district’s initial proposal for a two-year compressed calendar and surveyed our members for feedback, we hope to increase the regularity of negotiations meetings and move at a quicker pace.  Our next scheduled negotiations meeting is April 17, where AFT will present our proposal for the two-year compressed calendar and most, if not all, of the articles we intend to open.


There will be two additional campus meetings this semester where union members may engage the team.  We highly encourage each of you to attend these important gatherings to hear about the latest developments in negotiations and to offer us feedback.  We hope to see you there!

  • AFT Know What’s Up - March 21 at Moorpark College from 3:00 -5:00 PM in HSS 121

  • AFT Know What’s Up- April 23 at Ventura College from 4:00 to 6:00 PM in PAC 119 (Studio Theatre) 

For more information about the guiding principles above and other regulations in regards to compressed calendars, please review the addendum to the Student Attendance Accounting Manual.

February 20, 2024

Good Morning Faculty,

The team would like to update you on the process of negotiations on the calendar for AY 2024-2025 and the compressed calendar. First, we have signed a tentative agreement with the district on the next academic calendar. You will find this attached in the email we sent.

In regards to the calendar for AY 2024-2025, please note we fiercely advocated for flex days to be held the two days before Thanksgiving Break, but this means adding another week to the semester. In order to maintain a reasonable break between the fall and spring semesters, we opted for other dates within the fall. We were able to schedule the Friday and Saturday before Easter as non-instructional days.

In regards to the compressed calendar, on January 23, we received the district’s remaining proposal that included Articles 5, 6, 9, and a corrected Article 4. The team is currently working to develop our own proposal based on what the district provided. Our next meeting with the district is scheduled for Friday, February 23.

To best serve our members, we feel it necessary to provide details associated with moving to a sixteen-week semester. On Tuesday, February 20, members will receive an invitation to an introductory survey that will provide us with data on faculty member knowledge and opinions about various aspects of the compressed calendar. Please look for the invitation from Survey Monkey in the personal email you provided to AFT 1828. If you do not receive it before midweek, please check your spam folder. If you do not find it, please reach out to Co-Chief Negotiators Teresa Bonham ( or Nathan Cole ( so they may work to resolve the issue.

Once we learn about your opinions and concerns, the team will develop materials to present to our members that address any misconceptions, opinions, and other concerns. Members will have until Monday, February 26 at midnight to complete it. From this, we will conduct additional surveys that will allow us to negotiate your rights within the articles affected by a compressed calendar. Moreover, AFT 1828 will develop a series of presentations to update our members on the negotiation’s progress.

January 24, 2024

Greetings Faculty,

Welcome back to another exciting spring at VCCCD.  We are excited to announce that negotiations for the compressed calendar began Wednesday, January 10, 2024.  AFT worked diligently this past fall to recruit, train, and organize the negotiations team so we could begin promptly at the start of the spring semester.  Your team members are as follows:

·       Angelica Gonzalez – Full-time Counselor, Ventura College

·       Christina Lee – Coordinator of Nursing, Moorpark

·       Leo Orange – Coordinator of DSPS (EAC), Oxnard

·       Angela Wilkins – Part-time Math, Moorpark

·       Teresa Bonham, Full-time English, Oxnard (co-chief)

·       Nathan Cole, Full-time Theatre Arts, Ventura College (co-chief)

During the first meeting, the district presented proposals on Articles 3, 4, 8, 11 & 12.  On Wednesday, January 24, their team plans to present proposals on Article 5, 6, and 9.  Once we receive VCCCD’s entire initial proposal, the team will work to develop our own proposal to the compressed calendar and its effects on faculty rights.

This is where faculty input will becomes crucial.  As negotiations progress, the team will send a variety of surveys to our union members.  Please be on the lookout for survey announcements from our Acting AFT President, Lillia Ruvalcaba, and complete them respond as soon as possible.  Your voice will be instrumental in developing proposals that reflect the will of our union members. In addition, we will conduct campus meetings throughout the next three months to solicit input from our members and present developments in the negotiation process.  If you are not a union member, please consider joining to participate in the process.  You can access the membership form by clicking here.

We will continue to update this page through the negotiations.

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