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Compressed Calendar Updates

February 20, 2024

Good Morning Faculty,

The team would like to update you on the process of negotiations on the calendar for AY 2024-2025 and the compressed calendar. First, we have signed a tentative agreement with the district on the next academic calendar. You will find this attached in the email we sent.

In regards to the calendar for AY 2024-2025, please note we fiercely advocated for flex days to be held the two days before Thanksgiving Break, but this means adding another week to the semester. In order to maintain a reasonable break between the fall and spring semesters, we opted for other dates within the fall. We were able to schedule the Friday and Saturday before Easter as non-instructional days.

In regards to the compressed calendar, on January 23, we received the district’s remaining proposal that included Articles 5, 6, 9, and a corrected Article 4. The team is currently working to develop our own proposal based on what the district provided. Our next meeting with the district is scheduled for Friday, February 23.

To best serve our members, we feel it necessary to provide details associated with moving to a sixteen-week semester. On Tuesday, February 20, members will receive an invitation to an introductory survey that will provide us with data on faculty member knowledge and opinions about various aspects of the compressed calendar. Please look for the invitation from Survey Monkey in the personal email you provided to AFT 1828. If you do not receive it before midweek, please check your spam folder. If you do not find it, please reach out to Co-Chief Negotiators Teresa Bonham ( or Nathan Cole ( so they may work to resolve the issue.

Once we learn about your opinions and concerns, the team will develop materials to present to our members that address any misconceptions, opinions, and other concerns. Members will have until Monday, February 26 at midnight to complete it. From this, we will conduct additional surveys that will allow us to negotiate your rights within the articles affected by a compressed calendar. Moreover, AFT 1828 will develop a series of presentations to update our members on the negotiation’s progress.

January 24, 2024

Greetings Faculty,

Welcome back to another exciting spring at VCCCD.  We are excited to announce that negotiations for the compressed calendar began Wednesday, January 10, 2024.  AFT worked diligently this past fall to recruit, train, and organize the negotiations team so we could begin promptly at the start of the spring semester.  Your team members are as follows:

·       Angelica Gonzalez – Full-time Counselor, Ventura College

·       Christina Lee – Coordinator of Nursing, Moorpark

·       Leo Orange – Coordinator of DSPS (EAC), Oxnard

·       Angela Wilkins – Part-time Math, Moorpark

·       Teresa Bonham, Full-time English, Oxnard (co-chief)

·       Nathan Cole, Full-time Theatre Arts, Ventura College (co-chief)

During the first meeting, the district presented proposals on Articles 3, 4, 8, 11 & 12.  On Wednesday, January 24, their team plans to present proposals on Article 5, 6, and 9.  Once we receive VCCCD’s entire initial proposal, the team will work to develop our own proposal to the compressed calendar and its effects on faculty rights.

This is where faculty input will becomes crucial.  As negotiations progress, the team will send a variety of surveys to our union members.  Please be on the lookout for survey announcements from our Acting AFT President, Lillia Ruvalcaba, and complete them respond as soon as possible.  Your voice will be instrumental in developing proposals that reflect the will of our union members. In addition, we will conduct campus meetings throughout the next three months to solicit input from our members and present developments in the negotiation process.  If you are not a union member, please consider joining to participate in the process.  You can access the membership form by clicking here.

We will continue to update this page through the negotiations.

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