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AFT Local 1828

The Ventura County Federation of College Teachers, AFT Local 1828, is a labor union representing the faculty members of the Ventura County Community College District. Our faculty serve the 32,000 students enrolled in the district's three colleges - MoorparkOxnard and Ventura.

Compressed Calendar Updates

We are excited to announce that negotiations for the compressed calendar began Wednesday, January 10, 2024. You should receive a survey in your email on February 20th. Please complete that survey by midnight on February 26th.

Letter from the President

Welcome Message from J. Redding, Interim President, AFT Local 1828

I want to personally welcome you to the Union,  AFT Local 1828! No other organization is focused on your rights in this way, so it only makes sense to support

our Union.

Membership Benefit

What benefits do you get as a member for AFT Local 1828? 

Click the button below to learn about the benefits you get as member, including financial help, liability insurance, shopping & travel discounts, and more!

Trending Concerns

Educators are confronting a juggernaut that is swiftly revolutionizing education and society: generative AI. And they are largely figuring it out without any guidance. The AFT is advocating for policies that will help maximize the benefits and limit the perils of AI, and we are offering educators tools and guidance to prepare their students for this new world.

Upcoming Events

Find Information about the Article 4 Ratification Here

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