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2024 Elections

Members in good standing should watch their email box for an email from election buddy and for their ballots starting April 8. The 2024 election opens April 8 and closes April 23. You can view candidates and their statements below.

Disclaimer: This page will continue to update with candidate statements

Running For 
Teresa Bonham

I am Teresa Bonham. I am a fulltime English instructor at Oxnard College and I have been teaching at Oxnard College since 2006. At Oxnard College, I have been an Academic Senate Senator for many years, and I am currently the Academic Senate Vice President. I am also one of the tri-chairs for the Professional Development Committee. I am currently also a member of the Curriculum Committee. In the past, I have served as the chair of the Curriculum Committee and the chair of the Distance Ed Committee. I have served on many different committees on campus and at the district level. In
addition, I have been the OC FT VP for AFT where I started a tenure support group for faculty going through the tenure process. I am also one of the current Co-Chiefs for Negotiations. I am very proud of the work my fellow Co-Chief and I have completed, including the most recent DE Side-Letter.

My interest in the AFT President position is to serve the union and advocate for faculty. From my work at OC and at AFT, I understand how shared governance works, how our district works, and AFT’s role and responsibilities. I believe as educators, we are at Ventura Community College District to serve our
students and those of us who serve in AFT are there to serve our faculty members. The President’s job is to stay current in what is going on at the campuses and at the district, to understand the CBA, to stay informed on Union issues, rules and regulations, and to work with management to advocate for faculty. I am up for the job and, if elected, I will serve to the best of my abilities.

Running For 
Nathan Cole

I am thrilled by the opportunity to run once again as Secretary for AFT 1828, and by the chance to carry on as an advocate for our members. During my time in office, I collaborated with the EC to update our website and increase communications, making information more accessible to our members. I redesigned our meeting minutes to streamline action items, increase follow-
through, and maintain accountability for our union initiatives.


In my short time with the EC, I served as both acting president and as acting chief negotiator for the negotiations of health benefits. I now serve as acting co-chief for the Compressed Calendar, and continue to bargain for more beneficial outcomes that reflect positive changes in our everyday work environments. With my co-chief, we negotiated the side-letter that protects
faculty from harm in the certification and recertification process, and we consistently address violations of the CBA with the district. I refuse to stop speaking truth to power to change our collective story from where we’ve been and where we are going.


If re-elected, I promise to maintain the promotion of inclusivity and frequent methods of communication through a variety of platforms to allow broader participation from our constituency. I will continue to propose innovative methods that foster greater participation and encourages increased involvement amongst both part-time and full-time, and instructional and non-instructional faculty. I will persist to engage management in tough conversations and not backdown from asking difficult questions to achieve our local’s collective objectives. Most important, it is my hope that reelection will provide stronger stability to our local so members remain confident in our ability to represent their interests.

Running For 
Lilia Ruvalcaba.jpg
Lilia Ruvalcaba

I believe in education, the students we serve, and the fellowship of educators. For this reason, I am honored to serve on the EC as the AFT 1828 treasurer since the fall of 2016. As the treasurer, I oversee the local's financials while carrying out my duties as required by the CFT auditor and bylaws. I've set up investments, made timely payments, and successfully worked with the AFT 1828 bookkeeper. All audits have resulted in positive reviews. Recently, I volunteered and stepped up as AFT Interim President. This experience has given me an insight into the complexity of the delicate relationship between administration and faculty, the various needs of colleagues, and the power of unity and our CBA.

As an educator, I have served as a part-time and full-time math instructor at Oxnard College and nine years as a math teacher at Oxnard High School. I enjoy the art and science of teaching and working with students. Since starting full-time at Oxnard College, I have actively participated in many college committees and roles in our local union.

As a member of the Executive Council, I am actively involved in the union's decision-making by referring to the CBA, staying current with campus issues, attending BOT meetings, and attending local AFT and CFT meetings. This experience has given me an understanding of the challenges of faculty and students at our sister campuses. I would be honored to continue serving as your AFT 1828 Treasurer.

Running For 
mark f.jpg
Mark Frohnauer

Dear Colleagues,

I am asking for your vote to become your AFT 1828 Treasurer. After over 5 years
as your AFT 1828 Budget Analyst, reporting out on the district’s finances, I want to take on a new task on your behalf--watching out for your Union dues.
My qualifications include:

  • Certified Public Accountant (CPA) for over 20 years

  • Controller and Chief Financial Officer for corporations for over 10 years

  • Chief Credit Officer and Credit Administrator for banks for over 10 years

  • Forensic accounting experience including PMK (personal most knowledgeable), representing a bank in court during a lawsuit

  • Uncovered millions of dollars of “hidden” reserves held by the District as your Budget Analyst

Given the turbulent financial times we will be facing, I ask for your vote so that I can expand my efforts watching out for our money.

Running For 
Claudia Moreno Parsons

My name is Claudia Moreno Parsons. I am faculty in English at Oxnard College, where I am serving as the Chair of English and Library Science. I have been at OC for seven years now, having happily arrived here after growing up and working in Brooklyn, NY. I am the English Senator in the OC Academic Senate, as well as a member of the Curriculum Committee in the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges. My many years of experience in public higher education, the last fifteen of which have been at community colleges, have created the space and opportunity for me to strengthen my leadership skills, as well as to be actively embedded in matters concerning faculty, students, and administration.


For me, the most notable part of my work as an educator has been the opportunity to become more deeply involved in the campus as a whole, bringing together members from every section of the college community. I am now running for the position of Chief Negotiator, a position I feel extremely well suited for. A natural mediator, a strong organizer, able to communicate clearly, and with the strength and fearlessness to stand up for what is right and necessary, I will be able to take on the challenges of protecting faculty rights while building collaborative relationships within the District. I have the skills to develop crucial labor relations with the many stakeholders at the table. With a desire to create strong alliances, I will be able to use my skills with language, mediation, debate, and a solid understanding of faculty, student, and administrative needs to help create clarity and progress in our collective bargaining agreements. I believe strongly in our union and would be honored and grateful to be given this opportunity to serve you!

Running For 
 Paula Munoz

Hello Fellow AFT’ers,

Union work is not easy work. Protection and support of our AFT faculty is critical. Much of the work of some of our AFT efforts in this area go unnoticed or under the wire. I made a personal commitment to serve on our AFT Board many years ago when AFT came to my defense in one of the darkest VCCCD and VC scandalous periods. I then committed to the job of COPE Chair and I did so without the claim to release time. I have never claimed release time. Why? That is my personal appreciation and commitment to AFT and I won’t take time away from my primary commitment, EOPS and the students we serve. The most important COPE activity are VCCCD Board elections. I have managed to achieve some big wins for AFT in the way of getting Trustees seated that AFT can work with. We barely lost a trustee election a few years
ago due to internal sabotage. We could have had a third Trustee seat.


So, elections are around the corner and we need a third seat. I want a third seat. Do you want that third seat?

Running For 
Susan Kinkella Picture .jpg
Susan Kinkella

My name is Susan Kinkella, and I am excited about the opportunity to continue representing my full-time faculty colleagues as the AFT 1828 Full-Time Vice President for Moorpark College. I have been a faculty member in the History Department for 27 years and I thoroughly enjoy my work. I appreciate the value of the contributions faculty make every day and I am deeply committed to advocating for the interests of faculty members. Having served as the AFT 1828 Secretary, Full-Time Vice President, and Interim Chief Negotiator over the past four years, I have firsthand experience in the crucial role of strong faculty representation in safeguarding the integrity of our profession and ensuring fair compensation. If given the opportunity to continue as the FT VP for MC, I will remain a dedicated advocate for faculty rights and fair treatment. Thank you for considering my candidacy

Running For 
Angela Wilkins

My name is Angela Wilkins and I am running for Moorpark College Part-time AFT Vice President. I started teaching mathematics at Moorpark in 1993. In recent years, I represented both part and full-time faculty on two different negotiating teams, one for the CBA and the most recent Health Benefits negotiations. Currently, I proudly serve on the Compressed Calendar Negotiations Team representing both instructional and non-instructional faculty rights. I've greatly enjoyed working with the teams and have learned a great deal about our contract and the reasoning behind its components. In addition to negotiations, I've served on AFT's Health Benefits Committee for the past 6 years. Through these experiences, I feel quite comfortable standing up to management and advocating in the best interest of our faculty. 

As your part-time representative, I have an idea that I want to see come to fruition; a dedicated space on campus for part-timers to gather, to work, to meet with students. Have you ever sat in your car on campus and responded to emails or graded papers before class starts because you do not have an office? I have. I appreciate the generosity of many full timers who offered to share office space with me, but part-time faculty need a home to interact with one another, create community, and grow our voice. 

If elected, I promise to make choices as an executive officer that will positively affect our everyday work environments and place our faculty and students at the center of our institution. As a member of the AFT Executive Council, I will encourage innovative solutions and sound decision-making to foster solidarity and participation from our members. 

It would be an honor and a privilege to represent the part-time faculty at our college. I would appreciate your vote. 

Running For 
Jennifer Ellsworth

Hello part-time faculty members of Moorpark College,

Thank you for being members of AFT 1828. Election time is here, and I am asking for your vote to continue serving you as Moorpark’s part-time faculty VP.

My platform has been and will continue to be that part-time faculty members’ salary, benefits, and working conditions are equitable to our full-time faculty colleagues. The research I have provided AFT is being utilized in these pursuits by our team. 

You worked incredibly hard to be able to work here at Moorpark College. You have credentials that are difficult to achieve, expensive to obtain, and deserve to be compensated fairly at Moorpark College whose mission is equity. 

You deserve for your completed trainings and certifications earned while teaching at other districts to be considered for equivalency here at Moorpark.

You deserve access to the same health care benefits and premium coverage as your full-time colleagues. 

You deserve to build wealth with Equitable pre-tax saving’s opportunities.

Since 2022, you have received my many emails. Maybe you have attended one of the Part time faculty Caucus’ AFT held on Zoom. Perhaps you dropped by the AFT table at one of the FLEX days to learn about the benefits we have through Union Plus. Many of us have spoken on the phone, or emailed. You are all wonderful and deserve to be represented by a VP who works to serve you.

Your vote matters!

Running For 
Letty Mojica

Hello, my name is Dr. Letty Mojica, I am a transfer counselor in the University Transfer Center at Oxnard College. I am running for Oxnard College Vice President.

I used to be that person. . . the one that would sit on the sidelines and just be a member, watching other do all the heavy lifting. Like most faculty, I felt my commitment must only be aimed towards my students and their accomplishments. In the past, fellow union members asked me numerous times to participate in a variety of ways. The answer was always no. But this time was different. Now, I believe I am ready to embark on this new leadership role in support of my fellow instructional faculty, and all non-instructional faculty: counselors, librarians, learning disability specialist, coordinators and athletic directors.

Unions fight to gain and protect faculty rights. If elected, as your Vice President, my door will remain open to faculty concerns. If elected, I promise to promote an inclusive environment that encourages our members to participate and find their voice. Most important, a main focus as your elected union official will be to increase and strengthen faculty membership participation. Strong faculty equals a stronger union equals greater gains for us all.


I often wonder what obstacles inhibit faculty from contributing more of their time and efforts to the union. Once we identify the obstacles we will work together to find solutions. I will continue to search for new approaches and strategies to encourage faculty participation in campus meetings, voting, and speaking truth to power. Together we are stronger!

Running For 
Constantino López

I am asking for your vote to continue serving your interests as AFT 1828 Oxnard College Part Time Faculty VP.

As AFT 1828 OC PT Faculty VP I have:

  • Supported the increase in pay for office hours and pay increases for the past three contact negotiations for PT Faculty.

  • Led efforts to increase PT Faculty participation on the AFT 1828 Executive Council and increase union membership.

  • Attended District Board meetings to support Part Time Faculty interests.

  • Worked to achieve pay parity between Part Time and Full Time Faculty.

  • Helped plan meetings to keep Part Time Faculty informed on Contract negotiations, Distance Education changes, Evaluation process, and other issues that Part Time Faculty have had concerns over.

Your vote will allow me to keep on advocating for your best interests as Part
Time Faculty!

Running For 
Kammy at work.jpg
Kamelia Algiers 

My name is Kammy Algiers and I am a biology faculty member at Ventura College. I am excited about the opportunity to be reelected as your AFT 1828 Ventura College Full Time Vice President. Over the past year, I've had the privilege of serving in this position and working closely with colleagues. I serve on the academic senate, co-chairing professional development, and lead new faculty orientation. Through these roles I have the opportunity to witness the dedication of our faculty and the challenges they face. I want to continue to be a strong advocate for our faculty, ensuring they have the resources and support they need to help our students succeed. Together, let's strengthen our union and amplify the voices of all faculty members at Ventura College. Your voice matters, and I am committed to being your ally in making it heard.


  • Monday, March 25 - Notice of Election

    • Members in good standing shall watch their email box for an email from election buddy and for their ballots starting April 8

    • Election opens April 8 and closes April 23

  • Monday, April 8 – Election Opens 

    • Election opens 8:00 AM and is held through Election Buddy

  • Tuesday, April 23 - Election Closes

    • Elections close at 5:00 PM

  • Friday, April 26 - Verification and Validation

    • Verification and Validation of the Ballots by the Elections Committee

  • Saturday, June 1st - Newly elected officers assume office

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