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CalPERS to SISC Transition

On August 14, 2023, AFT Local 1828 agreed to enter into negotiations with the VCCCD about a

possible move from CalPERS to SISC.  The district is requesting this transition by the new year

to save money since CalPERS will raise the rates of both our Anthem PPO plans (by 13% to

15%) and our Kaiser HMO plan (by 19%). As you may have guessed, SISC will cost less.   All

negotiations must be concluded before September 15, the date VCCCD must provide notice to

terminate CalPERS and accept the proposal from SISC.  Because of this tight window, AFT is

choosing to focus negotiations on this one particular item.


Please note the following statement made by Burnham about the provider

networks under SISC: 


  • If you are on the PERS Platinum or Kaiser plans (and you live in California), the network will not change from CalPERS to SISC. SISC uses the same Anthem and Kaiser Networks as CalPERS. 


  • If you are enrolled in the PERS Gold plan, your network will expand to the same network offered to the PERS Platinum plan. This network includes all of the Gold Network in addition to the larger network of the PERS Platinum plan. 


On August 16th, all full and part-time faculty received a survey about medical benefits prepared by our insurance broker Burnham. AFT and the team will use the results of this survey to guide our negotiations. It is imperative that you complete the survey by Wednesday, August 23rd at 11:59 PM. 


As an alternative to the links provided in the directions to the survey, below you will find those same documents.  Additionally, we will continue to add new resources as negotiations progress.


​If your questions cannot be answered by these resources, please feel free to contact our chief negotiator here

Additional Resources

In this section you will find some additional resources that your AFT Local 1828 team feel may be helpful as you assess the proposed transition. As we get more resources we will upload them here

BeneTrac login link 

For viewing your dental, vision, and UNUM life coverage

Employer ID:  cseb2121

BeneTrac user guide

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