Updated Spring 2022 Reopening MOU Signed
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AFT has entered into an agreement with the district on an Emergency Response Plan addendum to the Vaccine Mandate MOU. This Emergency Response Plan, included as an attachment along with the district’s original proposal and our counter, addresses the emergency response to the recent surge in COVID infections and hospitalizations in our region, and across the world, due to the Omicron variant. The purpose of the plan is to promote the safety of the faculty, staff, students, and community while continuing to provide educational opportunities and student-services. The Emergency Response Plan runs through January 30th.

  • This plan provides up to three days of remote work for non-classroom faculty. Some campuses are already at work on this. Please let us know if you have not been consulted about a plan by the end of the day today.
  • This plan places classroom faculty online, with few exceptions. Importantly, there are deadlines that occur at 5pm today that classroom faculty need to be aware of. There are three basic exemptions to moving a course online that a faculty member may seek, each requiring justification and a plan to reduce the risk of exposure (listed below, see sections 3-4 of the MOU for more detail):
  • Faculty assigned on-ground, or hybrid course designated as “lecture-only” who wish to request an exception to having the course moved online
  • Faculty assigned a regularly scheduled in-person lecture or lab class that would result in more than 90 minutes of Zoom instruction who wishes to request the ability to teach some of the course asynchronously to avoid exceedingly long Zoom sessions.
  • Faculty assigned “lecture-lab” or “lab-only” courses that consist of hands-on activities whose learning objectives cannot be met online who wish to request an exception to having the course moved online
  • Please note that your dean has 24 hours to respond to your requests, so that you may contact your students no later than Friday after 5, and that Section 4c contains some guidelines to help determine if a course should remain in-person during the emergency response period.

Please note that this agreement is an emergency response, not a full revisitation of the Vaccine Mandate MOU signed in Fall 2021. This agreement does contain a provision to reopen that MOU to address issues that will take more time to resolve. Meetings will begin January 20th. While some provisions of the Vaccine Mandate MOU applied specifically to Fall 2021, the MOU itself is still in effect and applies to Spring 2022 except where superseded by the provisions of the Emergency Response Plan agreement.

 You may click here to download the MOU



If you have any questions about this agreement, please contact our chief negotiator, Ty Gardner, at tyaft1828@gmail.com


Ty Gardner
AFT 1828 Chief Negotiator
Announcement Date
06 January 2022